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Summer round up – Performance and Practical Grades

1 year ago

Music teachers and learners are at the heart of everything we do and where our exams are concerned this means not only offering a choice of high-quality assessments and supporting resources, but also making it as simple and easy as possible to book and take those assessments.

On-demand Performance Grades

We moved our online Music Theory exams to an on-demand service in 2021 that allows candidates to book and take their exams anytime and anywhere. These exams have now settled into place and we know that teachers and learners appreciate the flexibility they offer.

The same flexibility and choice will soon be available to all candidates taking our digital Performance Grades and ARSM diplomas. We’ve been introducing this new on-demand service gradually throughout August and over 7,000 international candidates have already successfully booked exams, submitted videos and received their results.

Candidates in the UK and Ireland will be able to book on-demand Performance Grades from 25 August. This means they’ll be able to choose the best time to record their performance, book the exam and upload the video for assessment. They can book, pay and submit the exam all at the same time or if they’re not quite ready to upload the video, they have 28 days to do this from the booking date. And results will be available within a week of submitting the video.

Flexibility for all

During the Covid pandemic we moved quickly to ensure learners could continue to take exams digitally. At the time, we knew there was more we could do to improve the way we offered these exams, and we’re delighted that we can now offer all our digital exams in a flexible, learner friendly way. These exams, which emerged in such difficult circumstances, are now maturing and in true digital style are available ‘anytime, anywhere’ – something we’re very proud of.

In particular, we now provide instrumental and singing exams to suit many different learning styles, personalities and performance preferences. You can choose where and how to take your exam – from a recorded exam in your own home to a live exam in one of our venues. With on-demand booking, our Performance Grades fit more easily into busy schedules and allow learners to develop and prepare at a pace that suits them.

Not forgetting Practical Grades

This focus on digital exams doesn’t mean that our other exams are taking a back seat. We know how much teachers, candidates and parents value our Practical Grade exams with their emphasis on a broad set of musical skills that are assessed in a live environment. They offer a different but equally valuable option for candidates. We were delighted to offer so many face-to-face exams during our busy summer session, with over 50,000 learners benefiting from the unique challenges and rewards of these assessments.

All of this goes to the heart of our mission to support and celebrate the joy of music making in whatever form it takes.

There is, of course, always more to do and we’re currently looking at other ways to make the whole exam experience simpler and easier – from digital programme forms for Performance Grades to a better all-round exam service from start to finish. We want you to be able to focus more on the wonders of music, and less on how to book and take the exam!

We hope you begin to notice some of these positive changes soon, and no matter what exam you or your candidates take, we hope it provides the inspiration and motivation you need to help you on your musical journey.



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