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November deadline approaches for our International Sponsorship Fund 2022

1 year ago

ABRSM’s International Sponsorship Fund (ISF) supports up to 5 projects every year with grants of up to a maximum of £4000 and this year’s deadline for applications is approaching fast.  Organisations wanting to apply to the ISF have until just 9th November to submit their applications but who knows where your submission could lead?

We gave our first grant to South Africa-based Access Music Project (AMP) in 2019 because their ambition to tackle financial barriers to music provision chimed with our own goals and the relationship blossomed. Music organisations like AMP are changing lives around the world by bringing people closer to music.  As we got to know the organisation, we saw the opportunity to link with one of our main partners, the Commonwealth Resounds. 

Together with Sound and Music, and supported by us, Commonwealth Resounds run free online Go Compose workshops around the world. These sessions give children, who wouldn’t normally have access to composition lessons, the chance to experience composing for the first time supported by professional composition tutors and even have their pieces professionally performed and recorded.

We’re proud of this fantastic opportunity, but don’t just take it from us, hear what Shiloh, the director of AMP has to say:

“The Go Compose concept is a very exciting one. The workshop really opened up our learners' eyes to compositional processes as well as giving them insight into all the kinds of creative possibilities that are out there. 

The professional recording was beautifully played.  It was so affirming for the learners to see results from their work.  They are now clamouring do more of this!

I really hope there will be scope to continue this great work with more and more young people around the world, as it truly is a very special project.”

Commonwealth Resounds director Alison Cox added: “Go Compose-South Africa has opened new doors for young people and given them a valuable 'kickstarter' composing experience which they can now use and develop further.  We were so impressed with the compositions that all the pieces produced in this workshop have been entered in the 'Starters' category for the Commonwealth International Composition Award.” 

So, checkout the application details and tells us why your project deserves support from ABRSM’s International Sponsorship Fund.


Listen to AMP learner Sesona’s composition:

[musician credits go to Polina Makhina (violin), George Hogg (trumpet) and Rory Cartmell (trombone)]

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