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Essential tips for online Music Theory exams

2 years ago

Make sure your exam experience goes smoothly by taking a moment to read our essential tips.

Always read the guidelines first

We regularly update our online Music Theory guidelines, so check them before you book or take an exam. 

Candidates must have an ABRSM account to access the exam

The exam is only available through the candidate’s ABRSM account. If you book exams on behalf of candidates, you should include an email address for the candidate (or their parent/carer) when you book so we can invite them to set up an account.

Only use the green ‘start music theory exam’ button to take the exam

When you click ‘start music theory exam’ you are beginning the exam process and you can only click this button once. If you want to try a practice exam or download sample papers, go to our preparation resources page or watch a video to find out what the online exam will be like.

Don’t use a VPN when you take the exam

Using a VPN can cause the exam to time out. If this happens and you can’t complete the exam we’re unable to provide a refund.

Uninstall previous versions of the PSI RPNow proctoring software

If you have the PSI RPNow software on your device from a Music Theory exam taken before 2 August, you must uninstall this before you start the exam.

Check our troubleshooting guidance

For help with technical problems, take a look at the troubleshooting guidance on our guidelines page. We update this regularly so it’s always worth checking here first.

Contact PSI for technical help during the exam

For technical problems after you’ve selected ‘Start Music Theory exam’ from the dashboard, contact PSI customer support. Local rate phone numbers are available under ‘Customer support and technical enquiries’ on our guidelines page. If a local number is not available phone 1-617-564-9052 (Please be aware this is a US based landline number and calling this number outside the USA will be charged at an international rate).

Support is also available on the exam software, so if you experience any technical issues, please click on the Contact Support button at the top of the screen to access PSI’s Live Chat for help and support.

When to contact ABRSM

For questions about booking or results please contact us directly. (We cannot help with technical problems during the exam.)

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