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Improve practice with ABRSM Music Case!

4 years ago

Do your students always make the most of their practice time?
Music Case is our new free practice app that helps students to understand the progress they're making over time, increasing their motivation to keep learning. 83% of students say that Music Case is an effective tool to improve their practice and progress!
With Music Case, students can:
  • Track their practice time
  • Make and compare recordings of their practice
  • View stats over time to see their progress
  • Share all of that information with their teacher
Teachers can also connect to their students and get a view of their students practice activities. Get your students to start using Music Case today!
Watch our Music Case launch video.
The journey to better practice starts here
This is the first iteration of Music Case to support practice. We’ll be looking at how you use the app and collating your feedback to continually improve it. The app works best on your smartphone. 
Download it from the App Store or Google Play. 
Any questions? Send them to [email protected].
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